30. Jubiläum des Maestro Turbo

Eigentümer von Maestro Turbos gesucht !

die folgende Nachricht erhielten wir von unserem MG Freund Ruben de Lauw aus Belgien:

Dear MG enthousiast,

  • My name is Ruben De Lauw from Nieuwpoort (Belgium). I am a long time lover of the front wheel driven MGs, I am also a member of the MG FWD register and the Maestro & Montego owners club in England. It is therefore that I contact you.
  • As you probably know, the 30th anniversary of the Maestro Turbo will soon be celebrated.
    The Maestro & Montego owners club are looking for Maestro Turbos on the mainland to put this birthday in the flowers
  • On 30 September they organize a meeting in Milton Keynes to celebrate this anniversary. They have the idea to bring together as many of the 500 built turbos as possible.
  • That is why I would like to ask you kindly if you know owners of Maestro Turbos (in or outside your club) to address them and give them my details.

Ruben De Lauw   Kontakt